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The ‘I Am’ Mantra

By Jane Elizabeth

Years ago, one night I was having a dream... and, in the dream an uncomfortable dark force tried to hold me down and take control of me. I yelled out, “Jesus The Christ, Archangel Michael, GOD, Jesus, someone help me!!!”

I woke up... heart pounding and racing... afraid to move, for fear had overcome me.

I laid in bed praying, asking “Why didn’t you help me”?

I heard Jesus’ voice say, “Help yourself”.

As I laid in bed and the night transformed into day, I slowly arose from bed, sad and confused, “Why didn’t they help me.” “Why did Jesus tell me to ‘help myself’”?

As I slowly walked through the day, I repeatedly asked, “What do you mean, help myself”?

Finally, in a moment of absolute silence, I heard Jesus’ voice... he showed me a vision of my mother as she had just given birth to me... I saw her holding my newborn body. Then, I saw a nurse in her room, and the nurse said, “Have you chosen a name for your baby?” My mother said, ‘Jane Elizabeth’. At that moment, I saw a transparent white  mist enter into my newborn baby body, and Jesus said, “That is your Spirit entering into your body... Jane Elizabeth... you are called by name.”

Jesus The Christ told me that whenever I feel lost, sad, confused, fear, unsure and even happy, just sit back, deeply breathe and repeat my birth name, for my birth name is my Spirit / my Higher Self / my Power.

He said, “The Spirit of Femininity vibrates at her first and middle birth name only. The Spirit of Masculinity vibrates at his full, entire, complete birth name.”

Throughout the years, I have learned to call forth my Higher Self by name, daily, for doing so keeps my mind and body in ABSOLUTE alignment with my Spirit, which is my Heaven on Earth!

I share with you the ‘I Am’ mantra, for I know that when you call forth your Higher Self by name, your mind and body aligns with your Spirit, and there you align with your answers, clarity, strength, happiness, love, joy, peace, perfect health, prosperity... your Heaven On Earth.

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Much Love Love Love,

Jane Elizabeth,

Psychic Medium Astrologer, Ordained Minister and Author of ‘Messages Of The Stars’

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“You need not be a believer, just a listener”

Thank You and Much Love,

Jane Elizabeth

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