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Hiiiiiiiiiiii, I Am Jane Elizabeth...

...Professional Psychic Medium Astrologer, Ordained Minister and

Author of Messages Of The Stars,

quadruple Scorpio, double dragon, mother of four, grandmother of four,

Your Spiritual Assistant.

I work with an astrological house system that begins with Sagittarius and completes with Scorpio, revealing the prewritten path.

“As It Is in Heaven, It Is on Earth!”

My intention is to inform, educate, enlighten, entertain and

REVEAL GOD / your soul / The Divine to you through astrology,

so that YOU may align with “what is” and LIVE your Heaven On Earth.

You need not be a believer, just a listener.

My abilities came in with my birth.

“Jesus The Christ” was one of the first Spirit Guides I recognized.

He continues by my side, and I by his side, helping me to remember, purify,

strengthen and BE ME.


All I ever want to do is throw parties and share LOVE,

which is something I often do.

So, please join my EMAIL GROUP so that I may keep you up to date on

all of my latest happenings.

Several years ago, sitting on the floor working on a “modern astrology” chart for a client. I was becoming a bit frustrated with the chart, so I called out in prayer and said, “God, if it is meant for me to work with astrology, PLEASE show me how to read the messages in the stars the same way the prophets read.” All of a sudden, one of my Spirit Guides, “Jesus The Christ”, appeared with a giant astrological wheel spinning around and around. The wheel slowed down and then stopped, placing Sagittarius as the first house. My Spirit Guide pointed to Sagittarius on the wheel and said, “Begin here.” I sat for a moment, and stared at the wall where the wheel appeared until it disappeared. A few minutes went by and I then anxiously jumped up, summoned one of my employees to sit with me so that I could put together her chart. I grabbed my American Ephemeris, looked up her day of birth, and on a blank piece of paper began charting out, by hand, how the planets were positioned. As I drew each planet, I began to see pictures and images of her life. I described to her what I saw, bit after bit, AND there were LOTS! Forty-five minutes later, I took in a deep breath, looked up at her and she said, “I’ve got to call my mother and sisters.” She also said, “I want you to do my kid’s charts, my ex-husband’s, my mom’s and everyone’s I know and tell me EVERYTHING you see.” Several weeks after that day, there was a line of people standing at my door, waiting to have their Astrological Soul Chart prepared and read.

My Spirit Guides work with me through this system,

which allows me to read at 99% accuracy,

leaving 1% to timing.


I do ALL of my charts by hand.

I look up your birth date in the American Ephemeris.

I then chart out how the planets were positioned on your day of birth.

This creates a vortex for Spirit,

your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides to come in.

Immediately, they begin to speak to me, about YOU.


My intention is to assist you in knowing and aligning with SELF,

so that YOU may live your Heaven On Earth.


Within this POWER exists an array of pure LOVE, happiness, wealth, contentment, peace, JOY and satisfaction.

I have written 18 books in the last seventeen years.


One of my present desires is to TRAVEL EARTH,

sharing the “Messages Of The Stars”.

“As It Is in Heaven, It Is on Earth!”

Allow me to assist you in knowing thyself.

Thank You and Much Love Love Love!!!

Jane Elizabeth,

Psychic Medium Astrologer and Author of ‘Messages Of The Stars’





Or just send me an email saying “Please Add To Email Group” along with your name, birth date and email address.

Or, connect with me on:


“You need not be a believer, just a listener”

Thank You and Much Love,

Jane Elizabeth

Jane Elizabeth’s Messages Of The Stars Copyright 2000