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Venus, planet of love, beauty and femininity, moves through the sign of Sagittarius from approximately Dec. 1 to Dec. 24, 2017; accentuating self love and beauty!!!

Venus in Sagittarius accentuates your unique and individual beauty. Read on to see how Venus in Sagittarius enhances and accentuates your ‘I Am’ love and beauty...

Venus moves through your sign accentuating your love and beauty. You’ll look and feel beautiful more beautiful then ever. This is a great time to express, share and receive love.

Venus moves through your area of ‘the soul’ / your karmic closet; accentuating beautiful memories of your past. Love from your past enters, reenters and / or enhances at this time.

Venus moves through your area of friends / coworkers / people; helping you to see and feel love and beauty through others. You will see a reflection of your beautiful self through another... and, you will soon hear from someone who has been away.

Venus moves through your area of work / job / business / career / your place in the world; assisting you in seeing and feeling where you belong. You may attract a new friend or love through your work / job / business; one who helps you to see and align with your ‘place of happiness’ in the world.

Venus moves through your area of the mind / thoughts / travel; assisting you in seeing ‘love and beauty’ through something you once disliked. You may attract a new book, vehicle or lovers trip. Venus helps you to see the love and good in life.

Venus moves through your area of debts / help / assistance; accentuating your love and beauty through loving, helping, assisting and caring for another. And, as you love and care for others, greater love, help, care and assistance is given to you.

Venus moves through your area of partnership / close relationships. Gemini, you can be (and have been) very selfish and very self-absorbed. Venus in Sagittarius reflects to you through another just how beautiful it is when you focus on and put another before yourself. You may, soon, attract a vow of love or a proposal... or, you may see and express the love you see and feel to another.

Venus moves through your area of health / fitness. In the past several months, you may have seen or met someone who inspired you to eat better and / or take better care of your health and body. Now that Venus moves through your area of health / fitness, you may feel inspired to ‘express your love’ through cooking or baking healthy and delicious foods for others.

Venus moves through your area of children / family / pets / your inner child / true love. Your beautiful ‘I Am’ is accentuated as you spend time with family, children and pets. You may, soon, receive news that a new baby or new pet is arriving.

Venus moves through your area of the home / mother; accentuating your beautiful ‘I Am’ through your home and nurturing~ness. Others experience and receive your love and beauty when they enter and visit your home. This is a great time to share your love with another by inviting them to your home.

Venus moves through your area of creative communication / expression / your voice / your talent. You may birth a new idea, yet it may be an idea you had a long time ago. Perhaps, Venus reveals more pieces of the plan / idea through a female or love.

Venus moves through your area of income / receiving. You may attract a beautiful gift and / or a ‘gift of love’ from a loved-one. Recognize that what you receive is a reflection of ‘you’.

Aligning with ‘WHAT IS’ and living Heaven on Earth!!!

Thank You and Much Love Love Love,

Jane Elizabeth,

Psychic Medium Astrologer, Ordained Minister, Author of ‘Messages Of The Stars’

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Thank You and Much Love,

Jane Elizabeth

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