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This day is Wednesday, May 10, 2017, Full Moon in Scorpio.

The energies inspired me to put together this video, showing and talking about the planetary transit of The Dragon, also known as the Moon's North and South Nodes, and the planetary Grand Trine in the Fire Signs.

The Dragon's Head (also known as the Moon's North Node) moves through the sign of Leo as the Tail (also known as the Moon's South Node) moves through the sign of Aquarius, May 9, 2017 to Nov. 6, 2018... forming a Grand Trine in the Fire Signs... Saturn in Sagittarius... Uranus in Aries... the Dragon's Head in Leo.

I put together, by hand, 13 charts... a main chart and a chart for each of the twelve signs.

I begin by sharing some of the messages I have spiritually received pertaining to how these energies may affect us all... I, then, journey through each sign, showing the position of the Dragon and the Grand Fire Trine, sharing messages for all.

Introduction / Opening 0 to 13:41... Sagittarius 13:41... Capricorn 16:53... Aquarius 24:03... Pisces 29:39... Aries 34:41... Taurus 40:04... Gemini 46:35... Cancer 53:27... Leo 59:24... Virgo 1:07:20... Libra 1:13:23... Scorpio 1:20:00... Closing 1:30:02On May 9, 2017 at approximately 3:09PM EST, The Dragon Head moves into the sign of Leo as its Tail begins to sweep through the sign of Aquarius.

The Dragon’s Head, also known as the Moon’s North Node, presents new learning, lessons and experiences.

The Dragon’s Tail, also known as the Moon’s South Node, sweeps up and out ‘the old way’, so that we may face it, cleanse it and perfect it through the Dragon’s Head.

The Dragon’s Tail in Aquarius sweeps back and forth through all forms of communication, technology, art, creative expression, etc., taking such through a deep and thorough cleansing, elimination and perfecting.... we may feel as if we are in a forever lasting ‘Mercury Retrograde’; stumbling to communicate our thoughts.

We may experience many more shut downs and glitches with our cell phones, computers and other forms of digital technology, for all forms of communication will experience a cleansing, clearing, perfecting.

We may experience an extra long time for a ‘reply’ as the Dragon’s Tail sweeps through Aquarius.

The Dragon’s Head in Leo directs us to read, research, listen, travel and learn... we are experiencing an expansion of consciousness!!!

Align with ‘What Is’ and live Heaven on Earth!!!

Thank You and Much Love Love Love,

Jane Elizabeth,

Psychic Medium Astrologer, Ordained Minister, Author of ‘Messages Of The Stars’

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“You need not be a believer, just a listener”

Thank You and Much Love,

Jane Elizabeth

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