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Mercury’s Transit

July 5 to Sept. 29th

Mercury, the planet that rules our mind, the way we think, process information and communicate officially moves in retrograde (backwards), Aug. 12th until Sept. 5th... starting out its retrograde in the sign of Virgo, and on Aug. 31st moves back into the sign of Leo until Sept. 5th at 7:31AM EST.

This particular Mercury Retrograde cycle shifts and changes our work, job, business, career, place in the world and life as a new and better plan presents. That’s right!!! We may be questioning our work, job, business, career, place in the world and life. Do we stay where we are, in hopes that things may get better, or do we seek life / employment elsewhere? Do we launch a new business thought / plan / idea, or do we wait? Do we remain in our current living situation, or do we take the steps to make a change?

A new thought, plan, idea, law or rule presents within this Mercury Retrograde cycle... and, it is ‘a change’ for the better.

Yes... not only will communication be slow, delayed and a little off, the mind may often drift, wander and be out of focus, possibly causing one to feel tired and lethargic.

I’ve put together a video showing the charts and talking about this Mercury Retrograde cycle... I hope you will watch it... at least, the introduction and what this Mercury Retrograde means for your sign.

Opening 00:00... Sagittarius 42:14... Capricorn 48:55... Aquarius 55:02... Pisces 1:00:56... Aries 1:07:04... Taurus 1:13:14... Gemini 1:19:17... Cancer 1:25:27... Leo 1:29:39... Virgo 1:35:24... Libra 1:43:41... Scorpio 1:54:52... Closing 2:02:26

This could be a rather challenging Mercury Retrograde cycle, for a total of five planets move in retrograde and the Moon wanes into a Black Moon / Total Eclipse of the Sun in Leo... a law or rule is presented, yet it is for the betterment of life.

Align with ‘WHAT IS’ and live Heaven on Earth!!!

Much Love Love Love!!!

Jane Elizabeth,

Psychic Medium Astrologer and Author of ‘Messages Of The Stars’

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“You need not be a believer, just a listener”

Thank You and Much Love,

Jane Elizabeth

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