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Eclipses Of 2017

Feb 10, 2017 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Leo 7:32PM EST illuminates and reveals big news, information, an idea, facts and clarity. We may receive big news, information, an idea, facts and / or clarity about an educational program, a vehicle, travel, a loan, investment, inheritance, a relationship, health, children, family, pets, a home, house, a parent, a creative project, income, money, self, the soul, the past, friends, acquaintances, our work, business and / or career.

Feb 26, 2017 Annular Solar Eclipse in Pisces 9:58AM EST highlights ‘the mother’, a woman, maternal figure, a parent, parental duties and responsibilities, our home, house and / or residence. A parent returns. A parent is birthed. A home is presented.

The home / residence / foundation is strengthened through ways of aligning with Earth... Earth-homes... Earth sustainable homes... solar powered... wind powered... food gardens... water wells.

Aug 7, 2017 Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 2:10PM EST illuminates and reveals a secret plan.

Aug 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Leo 2:30PM EST highlights ‘the brain’, the mind, information, knowledge... this is an awakening of ‘the mind’... enlightenment... knowing... understanding. ‘Knowledge is Power’, therefore those who ‘know’ will have The Power. Each person will have access to more information about certain subjects, depending on where this eclipse takes place in our individual life. Yet, there will be those who will ‘know more’ than another, and that person will have ‘the power’ to teach, rule, educate and lead... the ‘head’ gets bigger / expands.

Our rulers, government and leaders will use knowledge and information to control, guide, rule and lead the people. There will be ‘Highly Evolved Love’ leaders, there will be ‘Saturn-Ego-Angry-Forceful-Destructive-Thieving-Greed’ leaders.

The Eclipses of 2017 silence the voice, yet exalt the mind. We will have plans, yet will keep them to self. Old forms of communication and digital technology will go, as a new system is put into place.

We will be ruled, guided and lead by another or by self... he who has ‘the knowledge’ has the power.

Much Love Love Love!!!

Jane Elizabeth,

Professional Psychic Medium Astrologer and Author of ‘Messages Of The Stars’

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Thank You and Much Love,

Jane Elizabeth

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